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Adam LZ Net Worth

Adam Lz Net Worth YouTube Star

Adam Lz Net Worth YouTube Star

Adam Lz is well-known as a social media personality and a YouTube star in America and also, a BMX rider. He liked wakeboarding and he considered competing in the sport before Adam became renowned as a BMX rider. Hence, it became tedious as he was alone doing it. It is how he initiated BMX riding as it became more amusing to do it with his fellows. Read on to see Adam Iz’s net worth.


Adam Lz was born in Connecticut, Woodbury, on 5th May 1995. He raised up there is a farmer town in Connecticut. LZ BMX, the YouTube channel of Adam initiated in February 2013, and he has gathered millions of subscribers which results in 300 million plus views. He also has some tutorials in which he guides about the stunts for instance bar spins, 360s, and multiple others. It has assisted him in making him more popular as a star on YouTube. 

One of the most famous videos is the Walmart Game of Bike, which got almost 5.5 million views from 2016 to 2017. His other well-known videos are Webisode 44-Canada and Scaring My Mom in Her Own Car. Both videos make people spellbound. He is famous among the youths because of the stunt videos uploaded on YouTube.

Social Life and Education

Perhaps, Adam was obsessive about BMX riding, he chose the University of Central Florida to get a business management degree, concentrating more on entrepreneurship. He actively participates on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. He is having fun when he does not ride fast cars or bikes, meeting people and traveling. He has a height of 5 feet 10 inch and he has a fit and maintained body.

Adam Lz Youtube Channel

Adam’s Youtube Channel has over 2m subscribers and covers BMX as well as sports cars!

Personal Life

Adam had just one girlfriend who later became his wife. Her name is Nicole Frye. In 2013, he met her first during the first semester at the University of Florida. They were allotted the same elementary school and the same bus for promoting the current college to the students. They became friends and they initiated hanging out together and also, dating.

Net Worth

Being a star on YouTube, Adam LZ has an annual salary of 270,000 dollars and 750,000 dollars daily from ads. When talking about 2018, he has gained a net worth of almost 700,000 dollars which is being increased every day. He also earns income from LZ BMX, his prosperous clothing line. As a BMX instructor, he also earns some additional money.

His career has gained some amazing cars. Adam can brag of a Nissan Silvia Project 1999, F250 Power Stroke 2017, Mustang GT 350 2017, “Sil80” Nissan 240SX 1992, Nissan 240SX 1989, Mazda Miata 1995, BMW 335i Single Turbo 2008, and a Mini Cooper S 2015.

Adam got his dream house in Central Florida when he was 21 years of age in August 2016. It was the month when he got married to Nicole. He gives a tour around his house in one of his videos on YouTube. His Garage is his beloved part of the house consisting of 3 parts.

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