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Charity Events That Celebrities Love

One thing that celebrities are known for across the world is a sense of altruism. While not all celebrities donate huge amounts of their own money to charitable causes, many prefer to donate their time in order to generate money for charities. 

One of the most popular ways for celebrities to contribute to a good cause is through charity events. The presence of some famous names at a high-profile event can generate huge sums for a charity. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of events that celebrities participate in to help charities with their fundraising efforts. 

Celebrity Poker Tournaments

This is something that many different celebrities enjoy getting involved with. Poker is one of the most popular casino games around, coming in just behind the best online slots Canada. However, poker is much better at bringing people together than slots are. It’s such a social game and an obsession for so many people that it’s a great vehicle for bringing in massive amounts for charities.

The celebrities that take part in these types of events cover every aspect of the world of the rich and famous. So you might see people from the world of movies and television, such as Matt Damon, John Stamos and Ben Affleck, alongside less famous but even more wealthy business moguls at one of these events. It means that there’s a wide range of people who can help generate large sums of money for different charities. 

There are two main ways that these celebrity poker tournaments bring in money. First, there are the donations from the people who are attending. Wealthy folk are willing to pay large sums to sit at a poker table next to famous stars and possibly beat them in a few rounds of poker.

Secondly, the house takes a cut from every poker game, but in the case of a charity-organized game, the house is the charity itself, so it can earn money by taking a cut of every game. So, while those taking part in the tournament have the opportunity to win some decent amounts at the table, they can do so safely in the knowledge that they are helping to raise money for charity.

Some of the winners also choose to donate a portion of their winnings on top of the cut that is taken. This helps raise even more money. 

Celebrity Golf Tournaments

Celebrity golf tournaments are one of the most popular ways that charities can raise money. Golf is a favorite pastime of many wealthy businesspeople, and these tournaments offer them the opportunity to play a round of golf with famous people. 

The way it works is that people have to bid for the honor of playing a round with a celeb. Whoever bids the most gets to spend a few hours out on the course getting to know someone famous, and the charity gets the proceeds from all of the bids. 

While this raises a good amount of money, these events are often open to spectators, so the charity can also earn from ticket sales. Further fundraising opportunities come from TV rights, if the event is televised, as well as donations. 

Galas and Balls

The first two events on this list are popular ways for charities to raise funds, but generally they will only attract those celebrities who enjoy those activities. Famous folk who don’t want to play poker or golf are not likely to attend those events.

In order to attract a wider range of celebrities, charities have to put on different kinds of events. This is where galas and balls come in. Because they are essentially parties, it means that the vast majority of celebrities will be willing to attend and give of their time to support a good cause, while getting some great press coverage.

Charities can raise money by selling tickets to the gala. Ordinary fans who have the means will be keen to donate money to a good cause if, in return, they get to dress up and share a fancy meal with their hero.

Some of these galas incorporate live or silent auctions, where the attendees can bid on unique and personal items donated by celebrities. Imagine getting the opportunity to own an item of clothing worn by your favorite film star or a piece of sports equipment used by a sporting legend. This is a great way for charities to boost the amount of money that they can raise from one of these glitzy events.

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