Chris Sacca: Net Worth, Career, Uber, Shark Tank, House

Amidst the Silicon Valley investors in suits, Chris Sacca wore cowboy shirts. He loved to think out of the box and implement his ideas in his business. Christopher Sacca was born on May 12, 1975, in Lockport, New York. He is a multifaceted businessman who works as an investor, lawyer, company advisor, entrepreneur. He is one of the proprietors of the Lowercase Capital. He has investments in many prestigious companies like Instagram, Uber, Twitter, Kickstarter, and Twilio. He has also appeared in ABC’s business reality show Shark Tank as a “Guest Shark”.

Net Worth

Chris Sacca’s net worth as of 2021 is $1.1 billion. He ranks #2378 in the Forbes list of Billionaires of 2021. He was ranked second in the Midas List of Top Tech investors of 2017. He was the youngest of the investors listed. Chris has never coded in his entire life and yet he became a billionaire from Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley is always regarded as the home of tech geeks and masterminds. Chris was a lawyer by profession but he hasn’t gained much by working as a lawyer. He had the sharp instincts to choose stocks and find potential companies to invest in. His years of working in Google gave him primary knowledge about Silicon Valley and how things work there. 

Career journey

Chris had dreamed of starting his own company from his college years. He used his student loan to start a company. But he was a newbie in the business and the company was a failure. He decided to change his track and used the remaining money to trade stocks. He had a knack for leveraging stocks. Chris managed to make a fortune of $12 million by trading stocks. But the stock market crash in 2000 crumbled him. He ended up with a debt of $4 million. 

That is where his journey in Silicon Valley started. He first worked as an associate at Fenwick and West, a law firm. His jobs included handling mergers, venture capital, and acquisitions. He got the opportunity to work with different clients and he also freelanced for some years. This experience was valuable for his future ventures. 

Later he was hired as a Corporate Counsel at Google. He worked on projects to find data space all around the world. He also received the Founder’s Award at Google for his contributions to the company.

What Chris loved about Silicon Valley was the immense opportunities around him every day. He knew investing was his thing, rather than practicing law. So he started angel investing in 2006, while at the same time working in Google. He invested in startups and also gave them advice on strategies and legal matters. Chris resigned from his job at Google to become a full-time investor. Photobucket and Twitter are some of the companies he invested in in his early period.

He started his own company Lowercase Capital LLC in 2010 in California. Lowercase Capital gives both capital and advice to startups.

Shark Tank

Chris Sacca was a “Guest Shark” in ABC’s business reality television show Shark Tank. He first appeared on the show in 2015 in its season 7. Chris invested in companies like Rent Like a Champion, HatchBaby, Brightwheel, and Bee Free Honee through Shark Tank. Chris also appeared in the next season of the show as a Guest Shark. He invested in a company that installs stands that sells lemonades. He also invested in a plush toy company along with another shark Lori Greiner. He retired from Shark Tank following his professional retirement from investing. 

Investment in Uber

In 2009, Chris Sacca invested $300,000 in Uber. By March of 2015, Chris owns the 4% shares of Uber. It is approximately $36.6 billion. He has also invested in a startup company called Uber works under Universal Music Group.


Being a billionaire, Chris Sacca owns several real estate properties in different locations of the country. He has three houses in the Manhattan Beach area. Another famous house of Chris is the Truckee one. He owns a house in Truckee in California near Lake Tahoe. Chris says he is more interested in small houses rather than huge mansions. He loves to be close to nature.

Wife and Personal life

Chris Sacca is married to Crystal English Sacca. She is also an investor and his partner at Lowercase Capital. Crystal has written books like The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert: Take a Whiff of That and The Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide to Becoming a Whiskey Know-It-All: Know Your Booze Before you Choose. She was also a creative advisor.The couple has three children together. Chris lives in Jackson town in Wyoming with his wife and children. 

Chris is known for his cowboy shirts. He was on the list of worst dressed people by GQ. 

Awards and Recognition

He has been on the Midas List of Top Tech investors by Forbes from the year 2011. Chris was also featured on the cover page of Forbes Magazine when he made it into third place in the Midas list in 2015. In 2017, he reached second rank on the list. He was one of the top ten angel investors of the American weekly business magazine Businessweek. The popular cultural, fashion, and current affairs magazine Vanity Fair included Chris Sacca in their New Establishment list. He has been featured in Tools of Titans, a book by Tim Ferriss. 

Chris has been always been in media through his speeches on venture capital. He always inspires others through his words and he is accepted as an expert in investing. His speech at the University of Minnesota in 2011 made it into the list of Best Commencement Speeches, Ever by National Public Radio. He has appeared in Fortune Magazine, Businessweek, CNN, and BBC. He played as himself in shows such as Startup and Overton Billions.  Chris loves to go skiing and surfing. He has been always a lover of sports. He also completed an Ironman Triathlon in 2008. 

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