James Caan: net worth, dragon den, wife and house

James Caan is a British-Pakistani businessman and former investor on BBC TV business programme Dragons’ Den.  James Caan’s net worth an estimate of $125 million. His earnings are from his businesses, investments, and television appearances as a TV personality.

James Caan came to the limelight following his appearance as an investor on BBC television programme Dragons’ Den panelist for three series from 2007 – 2010. Do you know James Caan was estranged with his father for years because he turned down the idea of taking over the family business? This article walks you through the life, net worth, age, wife and house of the Dragons’ Den investor who had a baby with another woman while still married to his wife.

Early life 

 James Caan was born on 28 December 1960 in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. His original name is Nazim Khan.  Caan’s parents moved to the United Kingdom when he was a toddler. His father started and built a successful business on getting to the United Kingdom despite having little or no knowledge of the use of the English language. His father later founded a garment company in East London, which he wanted Caan to join and continue with after his education. 

However, Caan wanted something different from the path of his father. Caan left home before his O – levels and moved to Kensington. That didn’t go well with his father leading to an estranged relationship between him and his father for several years. Inasmuch as Caan didn’t get private education, he wanted to be successful by following his father’s business path. 

At 16, he started a job as a door to door sales agent but found it tedious and frustrating. He opted for an office position. He went back to the recruitment agency that found him his first job and demanded an indoor position. He got a job at Grand Metropolitan, then worked for different companies before he started a fashion boutique with his wife in the late 1970s. While working for another recruitment agency where he earned 30 pounds, the idea of launching his was birthed. 

By the early 1980s, Caan founded his own recruitment company with a small office in Pall Mall – a location that he felt would give his new business credibility and prestige despite its size. He named the company Alexander Mann and by 2002, he sold his interest in the company for €95 million to a private equity firm. 

James Caan Entrepreneurial Journey

With the growth and success of Alexander Mann, he co-founded Humana International with Doug Begie in 1993 – an executive headhunting firm. The business received Caan’s golden touch and experienced great success, expanding to over 147 offices in 30 countries by the time it was sold in 1999. Caan also launched Recruitment International in 1993 and sold it in 2000. Three years later, he co-founded AMS with Rosaleen Blair – a business process company. He sold his interest a few years later. 

By 2003, Caan graduated from Harvard Business School after attending the 7 – week advance Management Programme. He took a step further in 2004 and established a private equity firm, Hamilton Bradshaw, based in London. The firm HB is an investment group that specializes in Seed Capital and Growth Capital for recruitment businesses. Hamilton Bradshaw immediately became an industry leader with over 30 portfolio businesses across 46 offices in the United Kingdom. The firm turnover is in excess of €500 million. 

James Caan

Since then, Caan has invested and launched several businesses such as Avanta – an office provider in which he sold his interest to Kenmore, a private equity company. He launched HBRIDA and The Entrepreneur Business Academy in 2009 and 2010, respectively. Between 2012 and 2013, he launched Hamilton Real Estate (HBRE) to invest in ‘disruptive property start-up.’ 

Caan joined the fast-rising internet trend by launching a mobile app, ‘James Caan Business Secrets.’ The App grew to become the fastest downloaded Business app of the year in 2011. Caan is also influential on social media, especially on LinkedIn, where he has over three million followers. He is on the list of the top seven most followed individuals on LinkedIn. 

Caan has also cashed in on his vast business knowledge and experience by writing engaging life-changing books centering on business and life. Some of his books are The Real Deal – My Story from Brick Lane to Dragons’ Den, Get the Job You Really Want, Start Your Business in 7 Days and Get the Life You Really Want, Business Secret and Recruitment Guide. 

Dragons’ Den and James Caan 

James Caan was a panelist in 2007. He stepped down after four seasons and was replaced by Hilary Devey. His reason for leaving the programme was to concentrate on his business interests and charity. However, there are suggestions it could be because of his non-dom rift with fellow ‘dragon’ Duncan Bannatyne. There are also suggestions it could be because of offscreen activities in Pakistan in the 2010 flood where he was caught on camera offering to buy a baby for his brother for €725 from one of the families of the flood victims. Notwithstanding, he came in as a perfect replacement for Australian businessman Richard Farleigh. Some of his successful investments on Dragons’ Den are: 

  • Chocbox – is a patented plastic box for safely enclosing electrical connections made with screw connector strips. Peter Moule owns it.
  • Rapstrap – a range of patented plastic fastening straps known as Rapstraps.

Caan invested in these investments with Duncan Bannatyne. 

James Caan’s wife and house

James Caan was married to Aisha for 33 years, and that had two children; Hanah, 29, and Jemma-Lia, 30. The couple split in 2016 after it was revealed that Caan had a child with another woman while he was still married to Aisha (60). James Caan and Aisha lived in St. John’s Wood before their split. In 2015, Caan was honoured with the commander of the order of the British Empire (CBE) for services through his foundation. In 2012, he was appointed chairman of start-up loans with the goal of 1000 businesses in mind, but by 2014, he had helped provide funding for over 18,000 start-ups. Caan bought a flat with his lover after moving out of their €7 million North London family home.   

James Caan Net worth 

James Caan is worth an estimate of €125 million. His earnings are from his businesses, investments, and television appearances as a TV personality.

Investments that James Made


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