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Jim Treliving net worth, dragons’ den, Boston Pizza and wife

Jim Treliving is a Canadian entrepreneur, businessman, and television personality. Treliving is famous as the owner of the Canadian largest pizza franchise, Boston Pizza. He has been on Canada’s Dragons’ Den TV show for 15 seasons. 

Jim Treliving estimated net worth is $ 700 million. His earnings are from his business ventures as chairman and owner of Boston Pizza, television appearances, stakes in Stonebrook Benchlands development, Kitchen Partners Limited, and other Dragons’ Den investments. Jim Treliving is famously known as Pizza Jim Treliving and for his integrity in business. This article gives Jim Treliving net worth, dragons den, wife, Boston Pizza, and house.

Early Life

Jim Treliving was born on 12 May 1941 in Virden, Manitoba, Canada. He was born Walter James Treliving but he is known as Jim Treliving. Jim’s parents were Ted Treliving and Mina Treliving. His mother died in 2008. Treliving grew up in the small town of Virden, Manitoba. At eighteen years, Treliving joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He served in the Force for eight years in British Columbia and Alberta. He walked into his dream fortune when he visited the Boston Pizza shop and tasted the pizza. Treliving took the leap and approached the owners to give him a chance to open a store. He got his request granted, and he currently has over 400 restaurants in Canada and other North American countries. Boston and Treliving opened their first Boston Pizza in 1968 in Penticton, British Columbia, with the assistant of his friend George Melville, a chartered accountant who later turned into his business consultant and partner. In 1983, Treliving and his partner Melville bought the entire 44 restaurants Boston Pizza from then-owner Ron Coyle. 

Jim Treliving

At this point, they divested 15 of their restaurants into individual franchises and converted one of the restaurants to a corporate training restaurant. Treliving is currently the chairman of Boston Pizza International (BPI). He has been at the helm of Boston Pizza for nearly 50 years. 

Aside from Boston Pizza Chain, Treliving’s investment company, T & M Group, purchased Canadian Oil retailer Mr. Cube. In 1998, Treliving’s Boston Pizza Chain expanded into the United States with headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and their first restaurant was in Tempe, Arizona. Today, Treliving’s The Gourmet Pizza restaurant and sports bar has over 40 locations throughout the US and Mexico.

With a passion for food and human well-being, in 1984, he founded Kitchen Partners Limited, a custom manufacturer specializing in sauce and soup production for foodservice chain restaurants, industrial customers, and retail. Treliving also owns Naramata Benchlands, a housing development near Pentiction overlooking Okanagan Lake. The venture’s first neighborhood estate view is Stone Brook, which ranges from two acres to a half-acre. Treliving also owns Boston Pizza Royalties Income Fund, which began trading on Toronto Stock Exchange on 17 July 2002. Monthly distributions to unitholders began immediately and have been increased a total of sixteen times since the IPO. 

Jim Treliving and Western Professional Hockey

Treliving ventured into sports. He co-founded the Western Professional Hockey League in 1996 and served as the league’s vice-president and director of hockey operations for five seasons. The Western Professional Hockey League later merged with the Central Hockey League. Treliving’s son Brad, from his previous marriage, is the Assistant General Manager of the professional hockey team, Phoenix Coyotes. For his dedication to hockey, he served as chairman of the Hockey Canada Foundation. Treliving served as its president for seven years before joining the Coyotes. 

Jim Treliving and Dragons’ Den

Jim Treliving joined the cast of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) program, Dragons’ Den in 2006 for its inaugural season. It is a reality show based on the internationally franchised Dragons’ Den format, which began in Japan. Treliving has been on the Television reality show for thirteen seasons. While on the show, he is nicknamed the Nice Dragon, the Quiet One, or the Loving Dragon because of his approach towards entrepreneurs who pitch their ideas and businesses to the Dragons’ Den panel. Severally on the show, he has mildly criticized and shown total respect to the entrepreneurs, notwithstanding if their ideas or pitch were ridiculous. 

Treliving has invested in over twelve ventures on his Dragons’ Den portfolio, with his interest ranging wide on different businesses that have appeared on the show. He is the only original ‘dragon’ remaining on the show. Some of his investment include but not limited to;

Jim Treliving: wife and children 

Jim Treliving is married to Sandi Treliving, who is a mental health counselor. It was Treliving’s third marriage at 61, and they exchanged wedding vows in 2002. They have been married for 19 years. Jim Treliving has confessed to traveling with his third wife anywhere he goes to save his third marriage. He believes constant travels and being on his own made his previous marriages to have failed. His second marriage was to a woman named Tracy, who he credited to have partly helped him make some decisions relating to his restaurant chain. 

His first wife was late Elaine Lorraine Treliving, who died on 27 May 2016 and was the mother of his two children, Brad Treliving and Cheryl Treliving. Brad Treliving is currently the general manager for the Calgary Flames of the National Hockey League, while his sister Cheryl Treliving is a lawyer who heads Boston Pizza Foundation. Treliving lives with his wife Sandi in his Vancouver home. Jim Treliving has given back to the community through Boston Pizza Foundation, founded in 1990, and has helped raise $28million to Canadian charities over time. He is currently a director for the David Foster Foundation and an advisor to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).  

Jim Treliving’s Net worth 

Jim Treliving estimated net worth is $700 million. His earnings are from his business ventures as chairman and owner of Boston Pizza, television appearances, stakes in Stonebrook Benchlands development, Kitchen Partners Limited, and other Dragons’ Den investments.

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