Joe Mimran: Net Worth, Dragon’s Den, House, Wife

Joe Mimran: Net Worth, Dragon's Den, House, Wife

Joe Mimran is a Canadian fashion designer and entrepreneur and is famous for discovering successful brands Club Monaco and Joe Fresh. In 2015, he was declared as one of the new “dragon” financial backers on Season 10 of the Canadian adaptation of the Dragons’ Den TV series.

Joe Mimran is worth an estimate of USD $200 million. He has been in the fashion industry since around 1977. Most earnings are from his retail concepts, visionary brands, and investments as a successful entrepreneur.

Order of enterprising endeavors
1978In Toronto Canada, he co-founded a manufacturing apparel business
1980The company launched the Alfred sung brand which achieves success and consumer acceptance in less time. Joe sold his interest in 2013.
1985Founded Club Monaco. It became instantly a popular brand and they grew up over 150+ stores in Canada, US, and Asia.
2000Club Monaco and Caban it’s home products lifestyle concept, were purchased by Ralph Lauren, marking Ralph Lauren’s first-since forever acquisition
2001Founded Joseph Mimran and associates. A consulting practice that has serviced high-profile international retailers.
2003Under the president Choice brand, he created the products for Loblaws
2006Joe discovered the Joe Fresh concept for Loblaws and made it the second-largest apparel brand in-country. Joe Fresh is sold in more than 350 Loblaw stores in Canada and abroad.
2009To PC home to Joe was responsible for general merchandise products for all the GM private label brands.
2014Joe retired from his Creative Director position at Joe Fresh and General Merchandise.
2019He introduced gry mattr. A gorgeous collection of office and home accessories.

This article gives you complete and relevant details about the most popular fashion designer and star of the famous CBC show, Dragon Den, in its 12th Season Joe Mimran net worth, dragon’s den, house, and wife.

Early Life

Joe Mimran is also known as Joseph Mimran was born on December 2, 1952, in Casablanca, Morocco. His parent’s name was Esther Mimran and Eli Mimran and brother’s name was Saul. Joe Mimran when he was young and his family moved to Canada in 1957 and settled in Forest Hill Toronto. His mother acquainted him with design at an early age. She likewise maintained a private venture equipping Toronto socialites from her home studio.

Joe Mimran’s first job was to convey food supplies from his dad’s store to neighborhood occupants yet his premium in plan took him to the business floor of a little weaving mill where he investigated the cycle of negotiations. He opened a mini Art gallery at the age of 18 while finishing his Bachelor of Arts degree at York University, where he studied social science and compelling artwork. He went to the University of Windsor in 1975 where he finished his B.COM degree. He worked as an accountant after graduation.

Joe Mimran’s Businesses

After leaving the accounting job Joe Mimran join the fashion design business with his brother Saul who purchased a small factory to grew the family business and the factory was in the main area of Toronto. They started their business with 5 sewing machines. Joe Mimran started their career to head up the operation, finance and manufacturing in their factory.

Joe Mimran: Net Worth, Dragon's Den, House, Wife
Joe Mimran: Net Worth, Dragon’s Den, House, Wife

He turned out to be progressively inspired by the matter of design and branding. They both brother’s hired a famous Canadian designer Alfred Sung in 1979 to help them with this new business endeavor. After their diligence and interest, they launched Alfred Sung in 1981. The collection of Alfred Sung has instantly become popular and they soon established several stores across North America. A Maclean magazine makes the featured story in 1983 and declared that Alfred Sung is the” The New King Of Fashion Design”. The brand becomes popular and both brothers expand their business to a number of new products including fragrance, jewelry, homeware, eyewear, menswear, and bridal wear. The business line faltered for a few years after bankruptcy so Joe Mimran’s left their family business and decided to start their own business and the Club Monaco brand was the first fortune to be made.

Joe Mimran: Net Worth, Dragon's Den, House, Wife
Joe Mimran: Net Worth, Dragon’s Den, House, Wife

Club Monaco

Club Monaco had a new business idea by Joe Mimran in the mid of 1980s and he had very focused to make their idea to the next level. He decides to make a plain white cotton shirt. At the point when The Bay and Eaton’s retail chains both passed assortment and unable to understand the design. So Mimran Joe makes his mind to open his own store. An area of 5000 square-foot was purchased in Queen St W, Toronto where he sold every product from underwear to coats. After a successful campaign about the store, in September 1985 on store opening day there was a line up to get into the store.

The organization opened up to the world in 1986, and then private in 1989 with Dylex as an accomplice. In 1995 a leader store opened in New York City on Fifth Avenue which still remains today. In the 1990s brand cut back its development for a brief period during the downturn. A way of life store dependent on the spotless Club Monaco stylish Joe Mimran made Caban in 1999. Club Monaco established 125 stores internationally including Canada, Japan, United States, and Korea by 1999. Caban and Monaco Club was purchased by Polo Ralph Lauren Corp but during the transition, Joe Mimran stayed as CEO to manage the company but left in the coming days.

Joseph Mimran & Associates

Joseph Mimran & Associates was a design consulting firm developed by Joe Mimran after he left the Monaco Club. In 2002 Joe Mimran launched Pink Tartan with the help of his wife Kimberley Newport-Mimran as lead designer. He teamed up with companion Paul Sinclaire on an apparel assortment called Tevrow & Chase in 2006.

Joe Mimran: Net Worth, Dragon's Den, House, Wife
Joe Mimran: Net Worth, Dragon’s Den, House, Wife

In 2002 for Loblaw Companies Limited Joe Mimran starts designing the President Choice home assortment for them. In Liberty village, they had a team of 200 employees who were work from three offices.

Joe Fresh

In 2006 Joe Fresh’s design was launched, after successfully selling private apparel in Loblaw Companies across Canada in 2004. He expands his brand with more products after year and year he added new items. In 2007 he includes sleep wears, kids apparel, and intimates. In 2008 he introduced sunglasses and swimwear. In 2009 bath and cosmetics items. In 2010 with new extension nail polish was added.

No more space left in Loblaw Stores and fashion lovers demand more. Joe Fresh started to open detached stores. In 2010 the first store was established in Granville St in Vancouver and after the next year 2011, another store was opened in New York City. In 2013 chief operating officer Mario Grauso took over the company and Joe Mimran retired.


Joe Mimran collaborate with Kroger to bring together their private-mark design brands under the Dip name in July 2018.

Gry Mattr

After experiences and as a successful fashion designer Joe Mimran set up Gry Mattr in 2019. Gry Mattr designs are all about the office and home accessories. He introduced the collection of office organizers blue light glasses and eyewear, iPhone accessories and technology, stationery, drinkware, and decoration.

Joe Mimran and Dragons’ Den

In 2015 season 10, Joe Mimran has been on Dragon’s Den Canada. He joined the company of The Wek Michael Wekerle, dragon Jim Treliving, Tech, and Fintech entrepreneur and beer baroness Manjit Minhas, businesswoman Michele Romanow, and returning dragon Arlene Dickinson.

Joe Mimran Dragons Den investments in Ellebox. This little new company is a month-to-month membership box of tampons, tweaked natural cushions, and self-care gifts to treat ladies on their periods.

Joe Mimran Net Worth

In 1999 Joe Mimran expanded his wealth fundamentally when he sold his organizations Club Monaco and Caban to Ralph Lauren for an extraordinary USD $ 98.6 million. He had also sold his Pink Tartan business to generate his wealth. Joe Mimran is worth in USD dollars an estimate of USD $200 million and in Canadian, it’s converted to an estimate of CAD $250 million.

Joe Mimran House

What Joe Mimran says about his house:

“The entire thought of the house was to keep it little and to make the primary floor like a lavish lodging. The thought was you’d get up in the first part of the day, the music would be streaming, you could go out for a little plunge. We’re truly lucky to be this near the midtown center and have this sort of climate. Individuals consistently say when they come here, especially the garden, they feel transported; it doesn’t feel like you’re in Toronto. The obvious hint is the CN Tower.”

What his wife Kimberley Newport says about his favourite room:

“The kitchen. I love to cook. [My dream day] is perched by the pool since it’s so quieting. What I do is I get my cookbooks out and I get my style magazines out and I sit and ingest and get propelled. I choose what I will make for supper; I’ll go through two hours simply concluding how could I be going to make that pesto this evening. At the point when you’re in a hurry, a tranquil night is actually very spectacular.”

Joe Mimran Wifes

Joe Mimran had two wife’s Sharon Mimran and Kimberley Newport. Sharon Mimran was an interior designer and has three children. In 1996 they divorced. A Kimberley Newport was a merchandiser for Club Monaco and married in 2000 to Joe Mimran. Kimberley Newport Mimran had helped his husband to launch Pink Tartan and also work as a lead designer.

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