Mikey Chen Net Worth

Mikey Chen Net Worth Youtube Star

Mikey Chen is a participant of the well-known list of YouTube Stars. He is the amazing YouTuber who leads multiple renowned channels which include Beyond Science, insanely popular paranormal and mystery channel.


Mikey Chen is among renowned people who are famous as stars of YouTube. He was born in China on 22nd December 1980. He was involved in creative writing when he was in college. He attained practical engineering degree. Gabby Valente and Mikey Chin, both are YouTubers who are renowned on YouTube making paranormal and mystery videos.

He also heads famous channels of food such as Pho the Love of Food and Strictly Dumpling. He also shares the channels on Asian culture, Post Travel Vlogs, The Chen Dynasty to Mikey Chen channel.

His birth sign is Capricorn and he is a passionate foodie. Most of the time, he posts his meals on his account on Instagram, Mikexingchen, which has 90,000 plus followers.


Mikey Chen is ranked in the list of most renowned celebrities. He is the only celebrity with the age of 37 years. He has multiple travels to New York, Mongolia, Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Peru, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and multiple other places on his channel of YouTube.

Mikey Chen created his channel, Beyond Science, on 27 Oct 2013. It has almost 2.1 million subscribers. He discovers different topics involving advanced civilization in human beings present millions of years ago and the old aliens which might connect with Earth for his YouTube channel. Additionally, he uses to upload videos about the mysteries of Earth and the unusual wonders that are not clarified by science.

Mikey Chen’s Book

He published his book in January 2018. The name of the book is “Here and Now and Then.” The book contains the best coordination among playfulness, imagination, and heart – allowing a close indication into the lefts of the heart of a father and its ability to extend across both space and time for the protection of people which mean a lot.

Mikey Chen Net Worth

Chen gathers most of the wealth from the ads on his channel of YouTube. He has almost 900 million views in total. Also, the monetized views range from almost 40 percent to 60 percent of the overall impressions.

In addition, the people who work on YouTube get paid between 20 to 50 dollars per 10,000 views after YouTube takes its part. There are several factors which influence these views. For instance, it depends on the number of people who skips the advertisements on the video, the location of the people who view the ad, number of advertisements present in a video on YouTube, the advertisement inventory, the device the people are using and their time of the year.

Along with his eleven channels on YouTube, Chen published a book which is sold on Amazon. He also sells customized hoods and T-shirts since September 2017.

Therefore, the total views of 900 million will make his earning around 1,800,000 dollars. So, Mikey has an expected net worth of 1.3 million dollars.

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