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Najwa Nimri: Net Worth, Money Heist, Parents, Career

The Spanish popular actress and singer, Najwa Nimri Urrutikoetxea

is also known as Najwajean. Najwa was born on February 14, 1972, in Pamplona, the capital city of Navarre in Spain. Later her family moved into Bilbao. Najwa is currently living in Madrid. She has a multiracial ethnicity and she is a Christian. Her father is of Jordanian descent and her mother is Nawarrase. Her sun sign is Aquarius. She is active in the entertainment industry since 1995. Trip-hop, Pop, Dance/Electronic, downtempo, and alternative rock are the main musical genres of Najwa as a singer. 

Net Worth

Najwa Nimri’s sources of income come from her acting and singing.According to the report in 2020, Najwa’s net worth from all sources of income is estimated as 2.5 million dollars. Money Heist played a major role in increasing the assets of this forty-nine-year-old star.

As Alicia in Money Heist

The Spanish burglary crime drama series Money Heist or La Casa de Papel created by Alex Pina was a huge success all around the world.

Najwa Nimri plays the role of Alicia Sierra in the show appearing first in the episode “We’re Back”. She is a police officer from the Spanish force. Alicia was a strong but merciless character who is sincerely devoted to her job. She is pregnant throughout the show but doesn’t take leave from her official duties. She is an officer with brains and tracks down each of the pieces in the case and puts them together cleverly. She managed to find out Professor’s hideout once. Alicia was also a mastermind like Professor and she was the best police officer in the show. Fans considered the character a bit antagonistic and cruel. But no one can disagree that Najwa has done a great job in giving life to her character. Alicia has red hair in the show. Najwa’s original hair color is black but she often dyes it in dark brown color. She joined La Casa de Papel‘s cast in 2019. She also appears in Vis a vis: El Oasis, a spin-off series aired on FOX Spain.

Parents and family

The surname Nimri came from her paternal family and Urrutikoetxea is from her mother’s family. Najwa’s father’s name is Karam Nimri. Her brother’s name is Karim Nimri. She has a half-brother, Andre Nimri and she has two half-sisters. Their name is Sara and Nadia Nimri. Her cousin, Alexander Nimier also known as Antix is also a singer.


Najwa married Daniel Calparsoro, a Spanish film director in 1995. But their marriage did not last more than five years. Najwa and Daniel were separated and they officially divorced in 2005. She had dated after that but there are no official relationships. Najwa and her partner Martin Nabil has a son named Teo. Teo Nabil was born on 30 June 2004. 

Career journey

Najwa got her first major role in the film Salto al vacío, which was the first project of the filmmaker Daniel Calparsoro who was also her former husband. The film was released in 1995. Najwa has worked in several movies as major and minor characters. She played the role of Ana in the 1998 Spanish romantic movie, Lovers of the article circle also known as The Lovers from the North Pole. The film was praised by the audience and it won two Goya Awards in 1999. Her role as Elena in the Spanish drama film Lucia y el sexo or Sex and Lucia (released in 2001) also got recognition from critics and fans. Paz Vega and Tristan Ulloa were her co-stars in the film. The above films were directed by Spanish screenwriter and director Julio Medem. She played the role of Lila in the film Quién te cantará, directed by Carlos Vermut.

Najwa has a couple of popular roles in television also. Najwa is famous for her antagonistic character, Zulema Zahir in the Spanish serial drama, Vis a vis or Locked up. Her role as Alicia Sierra in La Casa de Papel and her reappearance as Zulema in the spin-off series of Vis a vis, in 2019 was also notable in her acting career. She has also worked as a voice actor. Najwa played the voice role of Zulema in Vis a vis: Cara B, the podcast released in 2020. She gave the voice of Kate Laswell in the video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare released in 2019.

As a singer, she worked with small groups at the beginning of her career. Later she formed the band Najwajean along with the Spanish DJ and record producer Carlos Jean in 1996. They released several albums together like No Blood in 1998, Asfalto in 2001, Guerreros in 2002, the compilation of songs as Najwajean Selection in 2002, Till it Breaks in 2008, and Bonzo in 2015 She released her first solo album, Carefully in 2001. She had produced many solo albums and solo singles. Mayday released in 2003, Walkabout released in the year 2006, Donde Rugen Los volcanes in 2012, Rat Race in 2014, Viene de Largo released in 2020 are the other solo albums from her discography. Najwa also sang in music bands like Respect and Clan Club. Along with singing, Najwa is also a trained ballet dancer and she loves to dance.

Awards and nominations

Najwa Nimri in Money Heist

She won the 45th Ondas Awards for the Best Actress in 1998 for her roles in Los Amantes del círculo polar and Abre Los Ojos. She was nominated several times in the Goya Awards and Feroz Awards in the categories of Best Supporting Actress, Best leading Actress, and Best Actress in television. Najwa was nominated in the category of Best Actress at the 33rd Goya Awards. It was for her role in the film, Quién te cantará. Najwa won the category of Best Television Actress in the 69th Fotogramas de Plata awards of 2019 for her role in Vis a vis (Locked Up). She was also nominated as Best Actress in a Miniseries at the 6th Platino Awards for the same role as Zulema in Vis a vis.

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