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Ryan Shakes is an American social media star. Ryan Shakes’ breakthrough is Tik Tok, where he has about five million (5m) followers. He is a content creator and social media entrepreneur. He shares his dance videos, lip-syncs, and comedy skits on different social media platforms.

Ryan Shakes is estimated to worth $500k as of 2020. His earnings are from his activities on musical.ly now known as Tik Tok. He also earns from promoting artists and brands on his social media platforms. He also has a merchandise company Shakeyfam which sells hoodies, t-shirts, sweat pants, and other products.

Content creation is current among this generation and one of the best ways to earn my online, especially if you churn out unique content. Social media influencers leverage the power to reach a wider audience, thereby not just becoming stars but millionaires. So is Ryan Shakes. This article walks you through the Ryan Shakes’ age, height, net worth, parents and girlfriend. You will be surprised by how consistency and diligence helped Ryan Shakes attain Tik Tok stardom.

Early Life

Ryan Shakes was born on December 3, 2001. He is an American born West Palm Beach, Florida. He started hustling for money when he was nine years old. While in middle school, he sold bags of gummy sweets to his classmates. He managed to escape punishment attached to selling items in the school, and by eighth grade, he had earned enough money to buy some filming and lighting equipment for shooting videos.

When he bought his iPod touch, he discovered the YouTube App and started his first YouTube Channel. Shakes created his first YouTube Channel in 2011. At that point, his videos couldn’t attract viewers to his channel as they were mainly footage of himself running around the house or some dry comedy skits. He persisted, and he is grateful today for trying out those skills because they prepared him for his breakthrough. In Ryan Shakes’ voice, ‘I would just wake up every day and grab my phone to record a 15 – the second video. At school, kids were like laughing because it was a really cringey thing at that time. It was not the coolest thing in the world.’

Shakes left High School to pursue content creation full time. His parents divorced when he was very tender. He had to move from place to place. He kept at his passion. His family was not supportive as they wanted him to follow the traditional path of going through the educational system; they expected him to finish college or obtain a degree. In an interview with Insider, he stated, ‘I was nine years old when it all started, running around the house recording myself. I was just so fascinated by the fact that I can record something of myself in the present time, and 5 minutes later, I can go back into the future and watch that same thing. It was astonishing to me.’

Career Breakthrough

Ryan Shakes re-strategize his content creation after failing to get much traction to his YouTube Channel. In 2014, instead of posting videos of himself running around in the house, Shakes opted to run reviews on tech products. With the acquisition of musical.ly – a short video platform, by Byte Dance Ltd and its eventually becoming Tik Tok, Ryan Shakes’ video content became a huge hit. Tik Tok’s popularity among teenagers in America grew suddenly, giving content creators like Shakes and others a great platform to showcase their contents.

Shakes claimed he actually downloaded the App for fun because it was on everyone’s lips unknown to him; that was where his goldmine was. Since 2016, he has amassed massive followers and still counting. He has over 5 million followers on Tik Tok alone, over 1 million views on Flipagram, about 213K followers on Instagram, and 17K subscribers on his YouTube Channel.
His breakthrough video came in 2016. Ever since then, he kept providing his followers with captivating and consistent content.

Although Tik Tok fame initially didn’t give him financial success because content creators are not able to monetize their videos on the platform. Shakes converted his social media platforms to an online business making machine by partnering with brands eager to grow their presence online. He created promotional content for such brands and promoted them by leveraging on his large followings.
Shakes’ #AirfresherChallenge earned 2.4 million views in one week.

Afterword this feat on the site, each video receives about 500K views to a million views, making him one of the social media influencers. He participated in a panel at Playlist Live, a social media Convention in Orlando, Florida, where over 13,000 participants conveyed for meet-and-greets sessions and Question and Answers sessions with their favorite top social media personalities.

Recently, Shakes ventured into a clothing line. Shakes intelligently turns his online business experience into an asset by setting up an online store that raked over $100K in its first month. He named the company Shakeyfam (www.shakeyfam.com). The online store sells consumer merchandise like sweat pants, hoodies, T-shirts, and other products. Shakes has hinted at dropping another clothing line soon.

Ryan Shakes Age and Height

Ryan Shakes will be 19 years by December 3, 2020. He was born on that day in 2001. Shakes is 5 Ft. 9 inches (175cm) tall. Shakes has a distinctive brown eyes and black hair.

Ryan Shakes Net Worth

As a social media personality and influencer, Ryan Shakes has seen an astronomical increase in his finances since his sudden rise on Tik Tok and other social media platforms. At 18+, he is estimated to worth around $5 million – $10 million in 2020. His earnings are from Tik Tok, promoting artists, and creating content for brands on various social media platforms. He earns from her company Shakeyfam which sells consumer products.


Ryan Shakes family and girlfriend

Ryan Shakes’ parents divorced when he was tender. No one knows anything about his father, but his mother is Movelette Shakes. Movelette Shakes claimed of entertaining fear over her son’s status as a public figure. Although she was at home with her son’s activities now, she was skeptical about the legitimacy of her son’s online activities at the beginning of Shakes’ career. She became at home with her son the moment the stat started adding up.
Shakes has a brother named Zayne and two sisters named Rochelle and Zayla. Zayla features alongside Shakes in his videos; both Zayla and Shakes have a combined 5.5 million followers on Tik Tok.

Shakes is close friends with fellow social media stars Matthew Searfone and Mrgummyking. He doesn’t have a known girlfriend. He is still single, and there is nothing about his past relationships.

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