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Patrick Arundell was born in England, Lancashire, Stonyhurst. As a Sun Aquarius, he believes that he has IC, Chiron, Venus, and Moon in the Aquarius. His career is all along with the rules of astrology, the part of Natal Horoscope, Conjunct my Mid Heaven. He has the psychological and penetrative planetary aspect or angle of Mercury which provides him a natural instinct and a hope for analysis and research.  Patrick Arundell net worth has been increasing as a result of him leveraging his astrological knowledge


Patrick lives in the West Midlands, Medieval town of Shrewsbury where he is living for almost 30 years. He is a lifetime fan of Swindon Speedway and Swindon Town Football Club. His other interests are music, walking, and cooking. He has followed the modern RNB and modern jazz for many years.

Patrick Arundell is an expert astrologer for almost 24 years and his interest began when he was attending High School. With passing time, the interest became his passion to grasp several aspects related to himself and others. He also gained a Diploma in management. His career resulted from the role of Operations Controller handling approximately 800 people. All this inspired him to start his own minor business consultancy. The astrology was similar to the clarion call for him and he became forced to study in depth before he left the business behind and he took a plunge as an expert astrologer.


Nowadays, the work of Patrick Arundell is distributed among 200 websites, magazines, and newspapers all over the world, which includes the USA, Canada, Bahrain, South Africa, Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand.

In the United Kingdom, he wrote for The Metro Daily Newspaper and he is the leading astrologer for the UK Press Association. He has written for 3 Mobiles and Vodaphones and Chat and Picks Me Up. His clients have also included Leo Burnett and Proctor. His work has been translated into Spanish and Russian. He made videos on Horoscope. They have got 20 Million views.

Patrick Arundell is a member of the Astrological Association of Great Britain and considers it is significant for adding the trust to the standing of astrology in the media.

He hopes his background in the environment of conventional business shows that his movement into astrology from the belief that astrology is a great tool for great promotion of inter-relationship and personal harmony and personal understanding. It works great. Numerous individuals who are knocking the astrology do not even know what it needs.

His ideal charities are The Red Cross Concern and Cancer Research. He also has an enduring interest in the Friends of the Earth and the issues of the environment.

Patrick Arundell YouTube Star

Patrick Arundell Astrology Youtube channel is a popular medium that Patrick uses to share his astrology predictions.

Net Worth

Patrick Arundell is also running a British channel on YouTube, Patrick Arundell Astrology. It has a net worth of 14,000 dollars as estimated until June 2019.

There are some approximations of the ad revenue on YouTube, it all depends on the audience of this channel. In the last seven days, the estimated amount is 68 dollars. In the last month, he made 238 dollars so far.

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