Slayyy Hailey’s Height, Weight, Age, Parents, Net worth and Boyfriend

Slayyy Hailey is an American social media personality famously known for her Tik Tok videos. She is a dancer, YouTuber, and a Tik Tok star. Slayyy Hailey was born Hailey Diane Quintero, but her styled name on Tik Tok made her famous. She became a Tik Tok star by sharing her dance videos on the App.

Slayyy Hailey is estimated to worth $1 million – $5 million in 2020. Her earnings are from her activities in Tik Tok, promoting brands, and creating content. She also earns from her YouTube Channel created in 2015.

I guess you don’t know that Slayyy Hailey’s real names are Diane Quintero. This is enough reason you should sit back while I walk you through her actual age, height, weight, parents, net worth, and boyfriend. Trust me, at the end of this article; you’ll fall in love with this self-made teen social media influencer.

The early life of Slayyy Hailey

Hailey was born on February 22, 2004, in Manhattan, New York, United States. She is currently 16 years old. She dreamed of becoming a pilot, but fate took to where her full passion lay – content creation. Slayyy Hailey speaks three languages (English, Spanish, and French) fluently. Her ability to use these languages effectively in her Tik Tok videos endeared Hailey to her followers, thereby positioning her for different audiences and ethnicity. Her parents separated when she was three years, but as a child, she did not allow that to affect her love to become a successful socialite. She started dancing at a very young age, and through the encouragement of her parents, she was able to improve her skills. Hence, the heeding to her parents’ advice paid off, as the dance skills turned her into a star.

When Hailey hurt her hamstrings in her Seventh Grade while attempting to practice the trendy dance moves of the time known as ‘splits,’ it seemed her dreams came crashing down. The injury took about seven months to heal, which stopped Hailey from dancing. During this period, she explored other skills of hers. One of her newfound skills was singing, which she worked on and still improving on it.

Presently, Hailey attends a School of Performing Arts, where she trains on how to become a professional singer. Hailey began posting on, which is currently known as Tik Tok. Hailey is of mixed race, and she is straight. She is distinctively known for her curly dark brown hair. She has two brothers Noah Alexander (who she always featured on her official Instagram page), and Bryce, her one year plus step-brother who was born in February 2019. Hailey has a cousin who she fondly referred to as Kay. Kay also features on her videos like other members of her family.

Hailey had a pet dog named Remy which died in 2016. In one of her videos, she attributed her success to the death of her dog. She claimed her success came after her pet’s death. That sounds superstitious, but you won’t blame the teen for thinking that way, having seen herself skyrocket into a star overnight.


Slayyy Hailey started her dancing career at a very young and had been hindered by a hamstring injury. Her parents, who are her manager, identified her skills and encouraged her to work on her passion for dancing. She took to their advice diligently and propelled by her desire to become a social media personality. It was one of her videos that made her a star. At a tender age, she started uploading videos of herself on, the short video platform a parent company of Tik Tok, which was initially acquired by Byte Dance Ltd. She started out on Tik Tok with Lip-sync, dance videos, and later added comedy skits.

Slayyy Hailey at Q & A with best friend

Over the years, Hailey has accumulated a large number of views from all over the world, especially the U.S. She has about 2.2 million followers on her Tik Tok account. These followers are in love with the content created by Hailey. Her username of Tik Tok is slayyy_hailey.

On September 23, 2015, Hailey created a YouTube Channel self-titled Slayyy Hailey YouTube. The YouTube Channel as of 2020 has 229 thousand subscribers. Isn’t that amazing for a teen of 16 who is not a musician or actress? Hailey is one of the youngest Tik Tokers in the United States with a considerable fan base. Imagine the audience promoting your brand on any of her social media accounts will reach?

She packs her accounts with entertaining videos that keep her subscribers coming back for more hence while her fan base is still growing. She ranks 893 on Social Media Stars in the U.S. and occupies number 320 Tik Tok stars on the Tik Tok stars’ list. The videos on her YouTube Channel with the most views are Going to a dance class. She started the year 2019 on a high with a video on her YouTube Channel Slayyy Hailey Goes Undercover, which has accumulated about 51k views.

Slayyy Hailey’s Height and Age

Slayyy Hailey is 4 Ft 7 inches and weighs around 35 kg. As a teenager, she may still add a few inches before she turns 20. Slayyy Hailey is 16 years old. She was born on February 22, 2004.

Slayyy Hailey’s Net Worth

Becoming a social media star comes with many benefits such as advertising for brands, creating content for brands, and acting as brand ambassadors. Slayyy Hailey is estimated to worth $3 – $5 million as of June 2020. Her earnings are from Tik Tok and YouTube Channel.

Slayyy Hailey’s Boyfriend

Hailey with her Best friend Sean Correa

Hailey is still a young girl. She does not have a boyfriend, at least based on our research. Hailey still enjoys the love of her family members – his brothers and cousin. She has a best friend called Sean Correa, who appeared on her YouTube Channel in the video First Q and A with Best friend. Hailey promoted his cousin’s account on her own Tik Tok account.

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