Unlikely Friendships Between Celebrities from Different Fields

As social media continues to reduce the degrees of separation between people from different countries and age groups, the number of friendships we can see between celebrities from different fields is increasing. While celebrities hanging out together is nothing new, past friendships were usually formed through networking events held solely for the purpose of connecting with similar professionals. However, nowadays, these relationships are usually formed first via social media like Twitter and Instagram, which has helped bring disparate people closer together. These platforms are also how the everyday public is able to have a closer look at the friendships which many celebrities seem more than happy to show us.

Lebron James and Drake

Lebron James has been one of the world’s best basketball players since joining the NBA in 2003, and has also been one of the most famous people on the planet since then. He was one of the last NBA players to be drafted directly from high school, with his games even at that level available via pay-per-view TV services. He has a number of high-profile friendships with former and current teammates like Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh, who he is regularly seen hanging out with.

One of James’ most well-known friendships is the one he has with Canadian rapper, Drake. The two have regularly been spotted together ever since they collaborated on the video for Drake’s song “Forever”, which was featured on the soundtrack for “More than a Game”, the documentary on James’ rise to the top. The two have been spotted on various holidays together, with Drake even rapping about the poker games played between the two, which are made more interesting by the competitive spirit they both share. However, their relationship is not just about having fun; they are also business partners, who have invested in a number of ventures together, such as Status Pro, a sports data and technology company.

Serena Williams and Meghan Markle

Serena Williams’ status as one of the greatest tennis players of all time cannot be disputed. She has had an incredibly successful career with multiple Grand Slam wins and countless legendary moments. She has had the fortune of sharing most of her career highs and lows with her older sister Venus, who she shares an extremely close bond with.

Since 2010, she has also been friends with the (now) Duchess of Sussex, who she first met at a Super Bowl that year. At that time, Meghan Markle was still just an actress starring in TV series and films. The pair have since struck up a strong relationship, which has seen them take part in celebrity events together such as the 2014 Celebrity Beach Bowl. Williams was even a guest at Meghan Markle’s royal wedding to Prince Harry, where she rubbed shoulders with other members of the British royal family.

James Harden and Lil Baby

While certainly not as famous as Lebron James, Philadelphia 76ers shooting guard James Harden is also an extremely popular public figure. The 32-year-old hasn’t won an NBA championship yet, but many believe a ring can’t be far away after his move to the Sixers. Originally from Los Angeles, California, Harden’s career has taken him from Arizona State University to Philadelphia, via Oklahoma, Houston and Brooklyn, and he has built several strong friendships along the way. He is regularly spotted with rappers like Lil Uzi Vert.

However, none of his previous celebrity friendships has seemed as strong as the one he shares with Atlanta rapper, Lil Baby. The two were first spotted together at the rapper’s birthday party in Atlanta in 2020 when Harden gifted him a Prada bag, some cash, and an expensive designer watch. Since then, the two have been spotted together in numerous locations, including Paris Fashion Week.

Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling

Justin Timberlake has been a national treasure since the early 90s when he appeared on “The All-New Mickey Mouse Club”. Despite starting his career in TV, later that decade he found global success as the lead singer of NSYNC, the superstar boyband that sold more than 70 million records over a seven-year career. He then went on to achieve even further success as a solo artist, releasing four critically acclaimed albums.

During his time on “The All-New Mickey Mouse Club”, Timberlake became close friends with Ryan Gosling, who was also starring in the show at the time. The two even lived together for half a year, with Timberlake’s mother becoming Gosling’s legal guardian.

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