Ursula Corbero: Net Worth, Partner, Height, Money Heist

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Ursula is 5.3 ft., 1.63m tall. She works out extensively to remain in shape and weighs 110 pounds, 50 kilos. She has captivating brown eyes and a true display of her Catalan roots.

Ursula Corbero is the stylish and fierce face of Tokyo from Money Heist or LA Casa De Papel which we have gotten so used to. Her fans cannot forget the moment she entered the Bank of Spain again on the motorcycle! Her acting career is as exciting as her role in the series. 


Net Worth

She has appeared in four seasons of Money Heist and is the highest-paid actor on the set. Although her pay is never disclosed by Netflix or the Actress herself, she is believed to be earning $10,000 per episode.


Her net worth is $3 million. The net worth touches high due to her early start in the acting career. Ursula started acting when she was 13 years old. Money Heist also gave a spike to her fame and career as it brought international fame and recognition for her.  

She is the face of many brands such as the Italian Jewellery brand, Fioever Bulgari. Its bold design of four carved flower petals carved with glorious diamonds provide it the bespoke glow, says Ursula Corbero.


Acting Career


Ursula was so passionate about acting that she dared to try the screen at six years of age and was instantly noticed by Catalan TV producers. She appeared in three episodes of Mirall Trencat as a child star.


Her first role was Maria from Mirall Trencat, 2002, when she was just a teenager, i.e. 13 years old. Although she appeared in only three episodes, it proved to be a turning point in her career.

Ursula Corbero net worth-Ventdelpla-Spanish-series

Corbero was then featured in a TV3 series as Sara in Ventdelpla (2005) and  became famous as Ruth in Antena 3 series, Fisica o Quimica which was aired in 2008. She was criticized for her character but was also critically acclaimed for her wonderful performance.. 


The role of Ruth proved to be a breakthrough for her. The natural and versatile flow of her acting captures the audience instantly. She appeared in her first Comic film, Quien mato a Bambi, and then she was given her first leading role in a comic film Como subrevivir a una despedida, in which Ursula proved she is one of the best Catalan Comic actresses. 


In 2016, she was casted in La Embajada, made by Ramon Campos and Gema R. It became a famous thriller Spanish series which hooked the audience till the end. Once again, Ursula made her fans sure that she is an astonishing actress. That is where Ursula Corbero met Chino Darin and their intimate relationship took off immediately after the series.


In 2017, she was recognized internationally as Tokyo from Money Heist. It gave her international recognition and a large fan following on Instagram with 19 million followers. She managed to win the hearts of her fans this time as well. She always surprised her fans with her robust acting skills and Money Heist is proof of that. 

Personal Life & Family


She was born in Barcelona, Spain to Pedro Corbero and Esther Delgado. Her father is a carpenter and her mother, a shopkeeper. She also has an elder sister, Monica. She enjoys an excellent relationship with her mother, unlike Tokyo, whose mother tried to give her up to the police. Ursula’s mother used to trek 60Km with her 6 year old regularly for her classes at an acting school in Madrid. 


Her first boyfriend was her co-star from Fisica o Quimica, Israel Rodriguez, which went on for a couple of years till 2010, but then they both moved on. 


Then she totally changed taste and started dating a tennis player, Feliciano Lopez for a few months but that also didnt work out well.  Feliciano Lopez lost to Jelena Djokavic’s husband Novak Djokovic back in 2020.

Ursula started dating a famous model and actor in 2013, Andres Valencoso. They were together for three years and then parted ways. 
From 2016 onwards she has been in a long and very romantic relationship with an Argentinian famous actor, Chino Darin. The couple can be seen splashed across their social media channels and has been inseparable ever since.



Though she teased her fans by sharing her pictures with Herran (Rio) in La Casa De Papel. In one of the pictures, she appears to be kissing Herran, and fans were fooled but then she cleared that there is no romantic relationship between them and Darin is her true lover.

Fitness Conscious:


Corbero is fitness conscious as she has vigorous exercise and diet plans which she never fails to meet despite having no athletic background. She follows the plan for her fitness. Sometimes she is criticized for her body weight and is taken as anorexic but she has deflected all the rumors about her appearance by sharing her nutritious plans with her fans and critics. 
She also had to train hard with the guns and fight for the role of Tokyo in Money Heist. Her intense training with her personal trainer helped her to stay true to her warrior character in La Casa De Papel



Ursula Corbero also has an activist side to her personality. She identifies herself with feminists and voices concerns for women’s health, professional life, and overall status in the world. She saw the suffering of women first hand, as her mother and sister faced greater hardships at the hands of society. Ursula believes that women should be free from the stigma of being single mothers, breastfeeding, and making career choices. She expresses her opinions all over her social media and urges her followers to help her change the world. 

Where is Ursula Corbero now?


Her fans want to get everything right about her and love to pay attention to even small details. Due to Ursula’s unique name, it sometimes becomes difficult for the fans to pronounce it. This is the link to the pronunciation of her name. Never again you will have to worry about getting her name wrong.

How did Ursula Corbero become famous?


Corbero had a breakthrough from a series, Fisica o Quimica in 2008. Her controversial role of Ruth Gomez Quintana, a headstrong and rebellious teen who suffered from bullimia. The series was broadcasted from Antena3.

Are Miguel and Ursula dating in real life?


Fans love to see her and Miguel Herran from Money Heist together but Ursula has found the love of her life in Chino Darin and they have been living together since 2019. 

Is Tokyo Denver’s mom?


Tokyo is not Denver’s mom. They both are different families in the series, La Casa De Papel. Moscow didn’t actually point to that particular robber while reminiscing over Denver’s mother.

Does Úrsula Corberó speak English?

She speaks Catalan, Spanish and English fluently. But she prefers to speak English in public.

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